Surface treatment

The innovative osteoinductive surface treatment with High Frequency Roughness (RAF) to which the Bio Dontia Solutions® dental implants are subjected , complies with the standards of the most recent studies concerning the chemical-physical aspects and the biological response of the implant surfaces. As has been widely demonstrated, the development of surfaces of this type has led to the identification of the response of osteogenic cells to micro-roughness. The superficial topographical aspect influences the osteoblastic activity, amplifying the platelet response and accelerating the course of the bone regeneration processes.

Detail (100X) of the wire of a Multysystem® plant with RAF surface treatment


Detail (200X) of the distal end of a Multysystem® implant with RAF surface treatment

bio dontia

Detail at 5,00 K X. The details relating to the roughness produced by the RAF treatment are evident. The distance between the peaks is only a few microns.


View at 7.00 KX In vitro tests.
Note how, after the three-day contact, the bone cells have completely colonized the surface

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